What camera do you shoot on?

Canon 5D Mark iii. It is the same camera they used to film the series finale of House with Hugh Laurie. It is also the first digital camera used for the Presidential Portrait of Barack Obama. It is renowned for its filmic qualities. 

Will you be the one shooting on the day?

Yes we will be your videographers on the day. There will always be two of us, Harriet and Flo.

Do I need multi camera?

As filmmakers we believe that to achieve the standard required for a cinematic wedding video it is essential to shoot with two camera operators. 

What if it rains?

We have water proof covers for our equipment.

What if your camera breaks?

We will always be shooting with two cameras, so in the highly unlikely event one breaks, you will still be provided with a film of your day. Our equipment is always kept in excellent working order. 

Do I need a photographer if I have a videographer? 

Whilst this is your choice we would strongly advice it. Photography and videography, whilst being very closely related, have different constraints and merits. Having both ensures you will have both material after the special day. 

Do I need to provide a meal for you? 

No. Thank you.

Do you use extra lighting?

Our cameras are good at shooting in low light conditions, so extra lights are unnecessary. 

How long have you been filming weddings? How many do you film per year?

We are freelance filmmakers with first class degrees in Filmmaking. We have worked on projects for Arts Council England, Film London and Channel 4. Our films have been screened in the British Film Institute Southbank and London Short Film Festival as well as having been nominated for Best Cinematography at Underwire Film Festival. Whilst we are relatively new to wedding videography, we have both been making films for over seven years.  We are just starting up our business, the advantage of which means we have more time to devote to you and your film in the edit. Keep an eye on our website, Instagram and Facebook for more highlight videos, as they are produced.

How would you describe your style -documentary, cinematic or a mixture of both?

We would describe our style as documentary with cinematic aesthetics. Our shooting style is unobtrusive, capturing the candid moments that happen naturally throughout the day. Our films are generally letterboxed with mattes and each shot is colour graded. 

What input do you want from us, and what do you prefer to have the final say on?

We want you to be happy and will do everything we can to ensure this. The preceding consultation which ideally happens at the venue, will give us an opportunity to discuss particulars that matter to you. You give us a short list of favourite song choices and we will choose the most appropriate for the edit.

How does your pricing work?

We have three packages. If there is something particular you would like such as a photomontage, we can tailor a package specifically suites you. 

Have you ever worked with my photographer? Do you know him or her?

We will endeavour to contact your photographer before the day as a courtesy. 

Have you shot at my ceremony or reception venue before?

If we have not shot at your location before we will definitely go there before the day to get an idea of shots and restrictions etc. Ideally this will be with yourselves.